A New Chief for United Methodism’s Lobby Office

The more things change…

The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society (GBCS), the official Capitol Hill lobby for America’s third largest religious body, has announced its new general secretary will be the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, long-time chaplain of United Methodist affiliated Emory University in Atlanta.  She will succeed Jim Winkler, who is term limited after 12 years.   Henry-Crowe has affirmed same-sex unions at the chapel and advocated LGBTQ causes while a member of the United Methodist Judicial Council.  So she is definitely from the liberal wing of United Methodism.  GBCS has exclusively represented the liberal wing of the church for about 50 years, so there is little surprise about the new appointment.

The non-liberal majority within United Methodism has long been ignored by GBCS, which for years has disregarded the church’s official teachings about marriage and opposition to most abortion while strenuously advocating conventionally liberal or left-wing stances on dozens of political issues every year to Congress and the media.  Since GBCS so clearly makes no effort to represent most United Methodists, Congress and the media largely stopped listening to pronouncements from GBCS many years ago.

GBCS has about a $5 million budget and a couple dozen staffers, which is not huge.  But it is the largest denominational lobby in Washington, D.C.  And the resources are not insignificant for a denomination that increasingly suffers from financial limitations thanks to 50 years of continuous U.S. membership loss.   Even if GBCS did represent most United Methodists, it’s questionable how effective it could be while routinely defused across so many different topics.    It’s also true that the vast majority of United Methodists don’t even know their denomination has a lobby office on Capitol Hill.  Clergy, understandably anxious to avoid controversy, do not typically tell their parishioners about GBCS.

Nobody can call this unexpected. While I was happy to see Winkler go, the person replacing him is just as evil.


The lynching of George Zimmerman

A pretty good rundown. I already noticed all of this because I actually paid attention to the trial, but it’s good to see if you’re one of the ones upset by the verdict.

Pro-Life Libertarianism

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On the topic of abortion, the libertarian movement is strongly divided in two camps: those who support abortion and those who oppose abortion. Within the pro-abortion libertarian communities, the unborn child has been given the labels of “parasite” and “trespasser.” Let it be known that libertarians have always spoken their mind. From a rational standpoint, it is impossible for an unborn child to be either a parasite or a trespasser. By definition, a parasite is never the same species as its host. As much as the pro-abortion advocates would love to claim that an unborn child is something alien, an unborn child and its mother are both undeniably human. An unborn child also does not feed off its mother in a manner intended to harm her; after all, child-rearing is the most natural thing a woman can do. An unborn child is not a trespasser, either, as…

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Police, FBI, Jury, and the Martin family attorney all agree: “It’s not about race”

It’s good to see some sanity and facts make their way into the discussion about the Zimmerman verdict. Personally, I’m happy justice was served and the left-wing media didn’t get to do their lynching. Of course, it wasn’t for trying.

Right now many outrage merchants in the so-called Christian left are spinning the same memes and lies that HuffoPo and MSNBC have done for the past 18 months, so this article is a godsend.

There are a lot of voices on the left calling for the Justice Department to bring Federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, but on what basis?  Let’s look at all the folks who have told us this case wasn’t about race:

  • The Sanford Police
    The April 2012 report says Sanford, Fla., Detective Chris Serino found “Zimmerman’s actions were not based on Martin’s skin color” but “on his attire, the total circumstances of the encounter and the previous burglary suspects in the community.”
  • The FBI report
    After interviewing nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, the FBI found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, records released Thursday show.
  • The Jury
    The Juror B-37, a mother of two who grew up in a military family and used to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said she did not believe Zimmerman racially profiled the unarmed black teenager when he called police to report a suspicious person.
  • The Martin family’s attorney
    A Trayvon Martin family lawyer threw the trial of cop wanna-be George Zimmerman into turmoil Thursday by suddenly declaring that the case was “not about race.” “It’s not about racial profiling,” Daryl Parks declared. “He was profiled (criminally). George Zimmerman profiled him.” Parks dropped this bombshell after prosecutors spent the last few days arguing that Zimmerman profiled the 17-year-old specifically because he was black.  Asked why Parks was changing his tune now, the lawyer made another head-scratching statement. “We never claimed this was about race,” he said.

So, would somebody care to explain how most of America came up with the notion that the George Zimmerman trial had anything to do with race?